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The Rehabilitation of The Road Bridge Over The Nisava in Nis

( Volume 2 Issue 2,February 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

Vladimir Radojicic ,Tomislav Radojicic


The road reinforced concrete bridge over the Nišava in Niš is a continuous girder bridge 36+62+36 in span, total length 134 m. The total width of the pavement is 13 m out of which there are two traffic lanes, each is 6,5 m wide and two footways, each is 2 m wide and they are raised 30 cm from the pavement.

The bridge is of great importance for the city traffic. It represents the shortest connection to the north east part of the community.

It was projected by the planning engineer Radojičić and constructed in the period 1978-1979 to satisfy the needs of self managing organization.

The bridge was put into operation in 1979. But in 1982 the bridge was put out of operation.

The bridge was put again into operation in 1985. 

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