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Selective Laser Melting of Ti Alloy for Manufacturing The Prosthetic Elements

( Volume 3 Issue 12,December 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Tomasz Seramak, Katarzyna Zasińska, Jerzy Andryskowski, Mariusz Motyl, Anna Andryskowska-Ignaczak, Andrzej Zielinski


The selective laser melting (SLM) is the additive manufacturing method of custom-designed parts. The used materials and the applications are various, including medicine. The titanium and its alloys are materials for which the dimensional quality, surface smoothness and no or extremely low porosity are difficult to reach. In this paper, the successful attempt to obtain by SLM the individually designed prosthetic bridges is described. The desired elements were obtained by the proper design, the adjustment of laser equipment parameters and necessary surface post-treatment. 

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