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Non Dependence of Drift Velocity of Electron on Length of Carbon Nanotubes, Dependence on Quantum State and Expression of Current Density

( Volume 2 Issue 7,July 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

Ashrafuz Zaman sk., Dr. Ranjit Chowdhury


The field of carbon nano tubes (CNT) is an active area of research theoretically as well experimentally  [1,2]. It is established fact that samples of single wall carbon nano tubes containing tubes with an arm chair wrapping have been produced and exhibit metallic behaviour. In this paper, the quantized value of electrical conductivity is used to show theoretically that the drift velocity of electron is independent of the length of CNT and ‘Vd’, drift velocity varies inversely as the quantum state. From which we can express current density of electrons in CNT and can show current density too depends on quantum state.


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