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Improve Image Security Over wireless Sensor Network

( Volume 3 Issue 8,August 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Wail A. H. Hadi, Hayder F. Y. Hussein, Safa A. A. Abass


The major weaknesses of Wireless Sensor Network is the energy consumption, because the difficult battery replacement or recharge . The energy consume can be regulator by more than one layers. In this paper goals to reduce the energy consume in the physical layer, because the most of the energy consume occurs in the physical layer. This reduce will be achieved via the use of Zigbee transceiver standard at the physical layer with the reduced complexity and lower power consumption than other system used in wireless sensor networks. Furthermore, such use will also enhance energy efficiency and bit error rate of the wireless sensor network. In this paper will apply the chaotic interleaver and chaos encryption to get best encryption (two level encryption) and reducing in time processing and enhancement simulation for bit error rate and peak signal to noise ration by transceiver image cameraman though an AWGN and Rayleigh fading  channels are displayed.

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