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International Journal of New Technology and Research

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Einstein Field Equations with Exponential Metric

( Volume 6 Issue 4,April 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

N. Perković, M. Stojić


Einstein’s equation, gravitational field, Exponential Metric.


In this paper, a procedure for determining Einstein’s equation withexponential metric is shown in the case of static, centrally symmetric, gravitational field. The procedure has been conducted by introducing a covariance four-vector forstatic, gravitational field that has its values A_µ  (0,0,0,Ф). A scalar potential Ф is determined for the relativistic case of how body mass depends on its position in a gravitational field. Exponential metric in default with a metric tensor g_(µν)has been used to determine the Einstein tensor G_(µν). The energy-momentum tensor was obtained using the flat space metric.

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