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Could Tension between Planck's And Other Observations Be Solved?

( Volume 6 issue 9,September 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Branko M. Novakovic


Relativistic alpha field theory (RAFT), strong gravitational field, tension between early (Planck’s) and late Universe probes, this tension could not be solved.


The Hubble constant tension between early and late Universe probes continues to exist. The standard Λ cold dark matter (ΛCDM) cosmological model did not solve this tension. Therefore, we must examine potential alternatives to the flat (ΛCDM) model that will consistently explain all of the observation data. The related alternative to the theoretical approach could be a new Relativistic Alpha Field Theory (RAFT) that extends GR to the extremely strong gravitational field.  The main prediction of RAF theory is a Closed Universe. Using this cosmological model, we calculated the Hubble parameters and compared it with the early (Planck’s) and late Universe probes. It is obtained that each probe generates its own cosmological parameters (mass, radius, velocity etc.). Thus, the observation methods used in early and late Universe probes are not equivalent each to the others. Therefore, the tension between early (Planck’s) and late Universe probes could not be solved.


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