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Best of Both Worlds: The Lived Experiences of Students Who Belong to an Interracial Family

( Volume 6 Issue 1,January 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Julius A. Reyes, Ed.D. , Ibrahim J. Sailani Nezafat , Fatima Khadija L. Anami , Ilonah Angelica B. Balatbat , Bria Angela A. Jove


The Philippine School Doha registrar’s data shows that the number of interracial students has been exponentially increasing for the last three years concerning its relocation to a more massive campus.  This paper aims to learn and understand the different perceptions and experiences encountered by interracial students.Method: This study used a qualitative approach that utilized phenomenology as the research design to understand the lived experiences of students who belong to an interracial family, relative to the central question: “How do students with an interracial family adapt to their culture?” Furthermore, this study focused on the specific question: “What are the common social adjustments experienced by the students who belong to an interracial family?” Findings: Findings have shown the different social adjustments of students who belong to interracial families in terms of their ethnicity, language proficiency, enculturation, and lifestyle. Conclusion: Interracial students experienced difficulties as they have to adapt to a multicultural environment and manage academic & family challenges simultaneously. Recommendation:The researchers recommend a further investment of time and observation in this research in order to cover every aspect relating to interracial students for more significant variance and to avoid biases as this could not often be accepted by readers of all races, and conflicts could happen.


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