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Underwater Image Restoration Using UICCS Method in Matlab

( Volume 4 Issue 2,February 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Joel fathimson.J, Bibis.S, Aswanth.R, Gayatri S


Due to absorption and scattering of underwater the images obtained suffers an information loss. The study of underwater is very important to find the unfound many algorithms have been derived to enhance an underwater image but no method gives a clear vision of human eye. Many methods found suffers a disadvantage that the clarity reduces as the depth of the water increases this is due to the fading of colours in underwater. To solve this problem, we get into a non-reference underwater image enhancement method the UICCS method. The three main attributes of an image are its colour contrast and sharpness. In this method we modify the attributes of the image step by step to attain a clear image. The results of this experiment demonstrate clearly that this method produces an output image with a high information the measures are applied to underwater images to show their importance in practical application. This project solves this problem my a simple and easy methodology with changing the three main attributes of an image thus enhancing the information of the image.

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