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Traversal of 3D AI Objects in Virtual Game Worlds

( Volume 4 Issue 3,March 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Syed Waqas Ahmed


This paper aims to highlight the underlying problem of AI traversal in virtual game worlds. AI’s self-awareness as an entity, solely depends on the programmer and hence can run into problems if it’s not coded properly. The purpose of this research is to eliminate the various factors involved in the traversal of AI and provide a simple solution to the problem that even a novice would be able to code their AI to move around the terrain of the virtual world or in-game world. By using collisions, objective markers and virtual invisible points, the AI can not only move in a 360-degree direction, but cover sufficient in-game mileage and abstain from traversing in to the ‘danger zones’ which are aptly titled due to them being inaccessible or missing the collision feature.

The medium of choice to depict the virtual world is Unreal Engine 4. The reason for choosing UE4 is because it has a similar layout to other game engines like Unity and hence migration of code is possible though not without its own trials.


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