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Transparent System for Working of PDS

( Volume 4 Issue 2,February 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Gaurang Pandit, Yash Kava, Pratik Gupta


Public distribution system i.e rationing distribution is one of the widely controversial issue that involves corruption and illegal smuggling of goods. One reason of this to happen is because every job in the ration shop involves manual work and there is no special technology involved in automating the job. Involvement of manual work calls a lot of irregularities. These irregularities or illegal activities are for example - wrong entries in stock register of shop containing wrong stock information of the products that is supplied to the public, sometimesthere are chance of distribution of low quality/graded products than the actual products provided by the Government for supplying to the public, also the information regarding the actual available stock quantity in a ration shop that is provided by the Government to the public. In this paper we propose the concept of replacing manual work/job in public distribution system (rationing distribution system in India) by automated system which can be installed at the ration shop with ease. In this automated system we replace the conventional ration card by smart card in which all the details about users are provided including their AADHAR (social security) number which is used for user authentication. This prompted us to interface smart card reader (RFID Based) to the microcontroller (AT89C51) and PC via RS232 to develop such a system. Using such a system, Government would have all required control/monitoring over the transactions at ration shop. To involve Government in the process we proposed connecting the system at ration shop to a central database (provided by Govt.) via GSM module (SIM900D) and RS232. Hence it is possible to pre-vent the corruption and irregularities at ration shop. This would bring the transparency in public distribution system as there will be a direct communication between people and Government through this.

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