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Trainer Distance Sensor and Color Sensor As Learning Media

( Volume 3 Issue 10,October 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Bambang Suprianto, Munoto, Susilo Praptomo


The advances in technology is developing rapidly.Entire household appliances and industries will use the technology with the principles of automation.Sensor as one important component in the automation function to sense any changes in the environment around.According to Accelerate the achievement of the learning process needed a media that simplify and accelerate the understanding of the learning process.Surabaya State University has a course of Electrical Engineering Education.One of the subjects that there are Electronic Components, who learn about the various sensors.

Trainer of proximity sensor and color sensor as instructional media have two sensors namely infrared sensor of GP2Y0A21 and TCS230 color sensor. The results of the sensor output is read by the microcontroller ATmega16 which then converted into centimeters and frequency of colors to be displayed on the LCD 16x2.This study was conducted to determine the feasibility of the trainer along with experiment sheet and subsequently tested on 30 samples.Each student is given a sheet experiment to experiment. Assessment of experiment sheet readability is done by observing students doing experiments.Feasibility trainer's proximity sensor, and the color of 89.16%, while the feasibility of the experiment sheet amounted to 89.69%, which means fit for use as a media  of learning.Results of testing the readability of students to experiment sheet obtained by 93.12%, which means that learning media eligible for use in teaching and learning.

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