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Tourism: An Under Utilized Economic Engine in India

( Volume 6 Issue 7,July 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Riti Agarwal, Nikhil Niranjan, Aryan Chowdhury


Decent work, Economic Growth, GDP, Sustainable development, Tourism.


Tourism can help generate a large amount of income for a developing country, if it is harnessed correctly. It can provide employment to locals, and can help improve the standard of living for each and every citizen of the country. 

Our paper will shed light on how the development of this industry will not only reduce unemployment and increase the disposable income of the locals, but also on how it will encourage entrepreneurship to help progress the goals of the UN. In addition,  it will cover a few case studies to bring out how other countries have used tourism to improve their economy and standard of living for their citizens. 

The tourism industry is a set of industries that facilitate the needs of tourists by providing accommodation, transport, food, destination visits, etc.  It comprises all the companies which provide the products and services that are meant and used by tourists at different stages of travel and tourism. Tourism contributes to a big part of a country’s GDP, and helps transfer currency from developed countries to developing countries. It contributed 2.9 trillion USD to the world’s GDP in 2019 and these numbers will continue to grow as the amount of disposable income of the world's population increases.

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