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To What Extent has the EU Taken away the Sovereignty of its Member Nations?

( Volume 4 Issue 10,October 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Udhava Gupta


This research focused on the perceived impact of the supranational institutions of the European Union (EU) over the sovereignty of its member nations. This paper also attempted to show how the EU evolved from an economic union to a monetary union that currently supervises almost all decisions made by its member states. This research analyzed various treaties, organizations and international agreements of the EU that affect the sovereignty of member states in various ways with the aid of secondary research.Secondary data from academic journals, research papers and articles was useful in understanding the real politics behind the European Union’s working. This research highlights the extent to which the EU has withdrawn the authority of its member states to make decisions for its citizens. This research found that Britain’s exit from the EU, to some extent, was fueled by the loss of sovereignty Britain felt after becoming a part of the European Union. In conclusion, the research showed that the EU had taken away the sovereignty of its member states to a great extent but it was not done intentionally – it was done in order to be able to offer the promised benefits to all its member states.


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