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To Study the Effectiveness of Laser Therapy and G.D Maitland Mobilization in Adhesive Capsulitis Among 40-50 Years Age Group Male Patients

( Volume 3 Issue 8,August 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Zaki Anwer, Suraj Kumar


Background:Thestudy focused to make a comparative evaluation regarding the efficacy of laser therapy treatment with that of the Maitland mobilization technique in patients with adhesive capsulitis. Objective: Study to show the effectiveness of laser therapy and G.D Maitland mobilization in adhesive capsulitis. Methods:In this randomized controlled study, total subject 30participants were equally divided using random method in to two different treatment groups with each group having 15 patients each in each of the group namely GD Maitland Mobilization and the LASER therapy group. All the subjects were treated for 3 sessions per week for six weeks (total 18 sessions). The variable of the study include assessments of pain severity on Visual Analogue Scale (VAS), shoulder active ROM (flexion, extension, abduction), associated disability SPADI scores for pain and disability scales.  The variable score were taken in the beginning of the study (day 0) and after 30 days and 90 days for both the group. Goniometric assessment of active ranges of shoulder movements were made for the range documentation of the study. Data of 30 subjects (only men) enrolled subjects were used for analysis. Results:In the study there are improvement in all shoulder parameters after treatment and in the follow up period compared to before treatment in both groups. Conclusion: though both treatment are effective in reducing the symptoms associated with adhesive capsulitis, the study concludes that G.D Maitland is more effective than Laser therapy at the 30 days documentation. 

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