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Thermo-Induced Dynamics of Model Cell Membrane by Action of Menthol

( Volume 3 Issue 3,March 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Pooja Gusain, Naofumi Shimokawa, Masahiro Takagi


It is important to understand the physicochemical mechanism that is responsible for the morphological changes in the cell membrane in the presence of various stimuli and sensory compounds. Menthol, popularly known for its cooling sensitization, activates TRPM8- a cold-activated thermo TRP ion channel. We used cell sized synthetic liposomes that mimic actual cell structure to study the model cell membrane dynamics and the unclear mechanism behind the cooling sensation of menthol on the cell membrane. Hence, we are interested in the direct interaction of menthol with bio-membrane. We observed the effect of menthol on membrane dynamics in artificial membrane. It was also observed that menthol concentration plays an important role and hasa significant effect on the model cell membrane. In homogeneous membrane, menthol enhances the fluctuation rate and also changed in the membrane area. We believed that menthol has a direct interaction with the model cell membrane and affects membrane physiochemical properties.


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