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The Effects of Facebook Posts on the Personal and Professional Lives of Teachers

( Volume 6 Issue 12,December 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Nerissa B. Docdocos, Sherill A. Gilbas


Facebook posts, Personal life, Professional life, New Normal, Sorsogon


This paper determined the effects of facebook to the personal and professional lives of teachers. Descriptive-analytic method was used in the study. The data came from 25 teacher-participants from four elementary schools in the Bacon District ot Sorsogon City. The study identified that majority of the teacher-respondents are female, single and belong to the age bracket of 27-30 years old. They spent one to three hours per day in using facebook and connect to the internet using pocket WI-FI. Likewise, most of the FB posts of the teachers are personal expressions intended for socialization with friends and family; while professionally, they use FB to convey information about school events and updates. They also use the platform as an avenue to promote their products as teacher-entrepreneurs. It was recommended that teachers who are 50 years and above may be encouraged to create facebook account for the sake of communicating and updating personal and professional aspects. Moreover, teachers are likewise be encouraged to maximize the wide scope of FB to communicate personally and professionally to students, parents and colleagues. Facebook can also be a useful tool and communication platform on various situations particularly during the New Normal.


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