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The Effect of Accountability, Transparency, Religiosity, And Programs Innovation on Muzakki Interest in Paying Zakat At The National Zakat Agency (BAZNAS) Merangin District

( Volume 7 Issue 12,December 2021 ) OPEN ACCESS



accountability, transparency, religiusity, program innovation; muzakki interest.


Zakat in Islam is a direct command from Allah SWT, as a liaison between the rich and the poor. Where, the rich give some of their wealth in the form of zakat to those who are entitled to receive it. This study aims to determine the effect of accountability, transparency, religiosity, and innovation programs on muzakki's interest in paying zakat. This study uses a purposive sampling technique using 100 samples obtained from the questionnaire data distributed to the people of Merangin Regency. The results in this study found that the variables of accountability, transparency, religiosity, and innovation programs have a positive and significant influence on the interest of muzaki in paying zakat.


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