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The Creation of an Antimicrobial Coating on Contact Lenses by The Use of Nanocopper

( Volume 3 Issue 9,September 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Marcin Wekwejt, Beata Swieczko-Zurek


The aim of the research was to creation an antimicrobial coating on contact lens and examine the ability of copper nanoparticles to decrease microbial adhesion and prevent the growth of bacteria. The creation was based on the immersion method in solution with dispersed nanoparticles of copper at concentration 200 pm. There were evaluated follows factors: time of immersion and base to dispersed nanoparticles. Three solutions: ethyl alcohol 99.8%, lens liquid, and olive were tested and two variants of immersion, i.e.: double dipping for five seconds and immersion for a period of five minutes. The quality of the obtained coatings was controlled by using a biological microscope and a scanning electron microscope. Its effectiveness was tested by placing samples in the incubation medium of Staphylococcus aureus for 30 days.

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