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The Changeover: The Stepchildren's Socio-cultural Adaptability Skills Towards their Stepparents

( Volume 6 Issue 1,January 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Monaliza P. Cayatoc MAG RGC, Marc Angelo C. Igna, Bianca Pauline B. Colle, Charlene Chloe I. Dolom, Deheimer L. Edra, Angelica Marie G. Samonte


Background: What was once a contented and faithful family is presently missing a piece in their household. After the parents’ decision to separate, their biological parents eventually married someone else after a respite. Having their stepparents by their sides, the stepchildren felt uneasy while adapting to a different environment. Purpose: This research aims to discover and understand the lived experiences of stepchildren as they undergo the process of adaptation with their stepparents.  Method: This qualitative research which utilized phenomenology, pertains to our central question: “What are the socio-cultural adaptability skills that stepchildren have undergone as they are prompted to be with their stepparents?”  A twenty-five semi-structured interview guide questions were also used to gather and analyze data. Inductive approach was followed in the theme development. Findings: The study has uncovered four stages on the process of adapting of the stepchildren to their stepparents namely; Knowing Stage, Struggling Stage, Understanding Stage, and Adapting Stage.  Conclusion: The stepchildren’s socio-cultural adaptability skills towards their stepparents underwent many struggles that greatly affected the stepchildren’s development as an individual. The stepchildren struggle to adjust and adapt to their stepparents through the introduction, hesitance, exclusivity, non-conformity, unconsciousness, initiative, cultural commonality, acceptance, cultural diversity, and openness.  Recommendation: This research suggests that their biological parent must gradually introduce the stepparents to their stepchildren. Giving their stepchildren time to adjust allows more space for acceptance on the part of the stepchildren.


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