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Study of depth of etching in Photo Chemical Machining by coloured Phototool

( Volume 5 Issue 4,April 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Sumit S. Khajepawar, Guruprasad V. Badave, Shubham S. Bhosale, Dnyanraj S. Telang, Nitin D. Misal


The conventional machining deals with the removal of metal by direct contact between the tool and the work piece, which results into the formation of chips, debris, burr, etc. So, there is a huge scope for unconventional machining process. This paper focuses on study of Depth of etching in photochemical machining by using colored photo tool. The objective is to study the effect of different colored photo tools and achieve the stepped structure at micro level. This process is the bridge between 2D and 3D manufacturing processes. Initially the colored photo-tools are created; copper material was selected for experimentation. The control parameters selected were temperature, concentration and time. The concentration of etchant is 400 grams per liter. The temperature of the etchant is 50 degree Celsius and the time for etching is 300 seconds. The readings are taken by Digital Micro-meter.


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