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Study for the Development of A System of Measurement of the Dynamic Characteristics of Trans-Femoral Prostheses: Measurements of Differing Knee Joint Characteristics

( Volume 5 Issue 5,May 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Takeshi Tsuruga, Hiroyuki Iino, Akihiko Takashima, Kanou Yoshida, Tomohiro Nomura, Hiroyuki Matsubara


Test subject participation has generally been essential in assessing the performance of trans-femoral prosthetic components, but it inherently poses the problem of test subject gait fatigue hindering reproducibility, limits reiteration number, and introduces non-objective aspects. We are conducting a series of studies to develop a system for trans-femoral prostheses evaluation to assess knee joints with previously unattainable objectivity. In the present study, we apply this system in its present form to measure the simulated gait actions of trans-femoral prostheses containing different knee joints, one with a bouncing mechanism and the other with a weight stabilizing mechanism. The results show that the system can provide measurements of the characteristics of the differing knee joints in respect to ground reaction force and joint angles.


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