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Spectroscopy, Optical Properties of NiFe2O4 Nanoparticles Prepared by Co-Sputtering Technique in Different Gasses Mixture Ratio

( Volume 3 Issue 6,June 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Baha T. Chiad, Ruaa A. Mohammed


We report the optical properties of the inverse spinel ferrite NiFe2O4,All the films were deposited on Si (100) substrateby co-sputtering technique, We carried out variable gasses mixture argon to oxygen for  transmittance measurements on the thin films to investigate the optical properties. Thicknesses of the films determined by x-ray reflectivity vary from 73nm  to 176nm as the varies of gas mixture  from 30:70 to 10:90 (Ar:O2) respectively . The films were characterized by Fourier transform infrared (FTIR)  , Optical properties were studied by UV-vis reflectance spectra. The value of optical  indirectband gap  ranging between  (1.779-1.785ev  ) was found to be independent of thickness of the film. The absorption spectra of  NiFe2O4nanoparticles  for the prepared sample in the spectral uv- visible region 400-700 was obtained.

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