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Solid Waste Management and Energy Generation by Natural Ways

( Volume 1 Issue 1,May 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

Suyog Giri


Nowadays in this tsunami of global warming and climate change, the project seems to be very effective one for the energy generation and solid waste management technique. In this  project , moreover natural ways are taken into consideration. The weapon animals like cows, buffalo ,chickens, duck, earthworm etc are used. Mostly 70-80% of the daily waste in our community is organic and degradable one .This huge amount of waste is used directly fed to the cattle(infertile one mostly in the case of cattle) and the remaining and animal wastes are directly used for the generation of BIOGAS. Other animals work together for the waste settlement for ex: duck(fish waste),hen(rotted product),earthworm(for Fermi composting of the slurry of biogas product)etc. The project not only safely settles the waste but also helps for the income generation and employment which can help to prevent the youth of Nepal for migrating to foreign land too.

The heavy,pollution creating and expensive equipments for waste management can be easily replaced by this sort of technique. The basic idea to this project is collection of waste separately for different eco friendly uses. The system can be accessed and monitored with the help of different application softwares  (mobiles ,tablets)too. The timing of waste collection vehicles can be easily monitored with the help of these techniques. The method seems to be environment friendly and easily handled. The method can be practiced in the south Asian countries too. .This simple project can be easily implemented and fruitful end results can be surely observed.

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