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International Journal of New Technology and Research

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Smart Highway

( Volume 3 Issue 11,November 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Nagen Kumar Sahoo


Heavy  transport  is   the   last    transport    sector  remains   dependency    over  fossil  fuel  which   makes  it  a leading  source  green house  emission .Due  to the expected  growth in  demand  for    transport  the  estimate  that  global  emission  from  road     freight  transport  will  grow  from  1.36  to  2.4  co2  by  2050.  Now   world    want  electric  vehicle    to    reduce   pollution .  So   have           to   develop  and   design  new technologies  regarding  transportation  system . In this smart    highway           project     we   designed    for   heavy  vehicle transportation  system  .Heavy  vehicle  move  safely  without  imbalance  of  electric  overhead lines. In  this  project  we  use  special light  weight design  steel   rail  wheel  as  front  wheel  which   will  move  on   track   rail   and   back   rubber   tube  wheel  as  back  wheel  and  electric  overhead  lines  as  energy  source.

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