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Smart Cum Digital Classroom

( Volume 4 Issue 3,March 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Bhavansh Tandon, Pratik Bajpai, Sourish Roy, Hannah Pauline


In the present scenario, smart technology is being applied to every field, and education is just another field which requires it. Smart cum Digital classroom introduces power consumption and time saving technology to the fold and also is ecofriendly as well. This project presents the design and implementation of an intelligent automated system for conserving electrical energy using image processing, which can be used in large organizations like a University or an office. The proposed system works on automation, so that the electrical appliances can be automatically controlled and monitored without any human intervention. It uses the available infrastructure in a classroom which includes surveillance camera and Ethernet connectivity so as to minimize the cost criteria. . The proposed outcome of the project aims at multiple benefits, including saving on electricity bills of the University or any other organization it is deployed in, eliminating human involvement and manpower which is often required to manually toggle the lights and electrical device on/off, and also most importantly, conserve precious natural resources by reducing electrical energy consumption. This project also works as a proxy eliminator and acknowledge the staff members as well as the students that which classroom is free.

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