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Secure Copier

( Volume 4 Issue 3,March 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Aravindhan.S, Sundar.R, Naveen.D, Raja.R


Secure copier is a software/ tool which allow the transfer of data between the authorized devices with user’s confirmation. A file system is used to cross check whether the pen drive is authorized. Once the pen drive is authorized it checks for jar file inside Pen drive, if the jar file is present in the pen drive it automatically attach a virtual hard disk. All the user action is takes place only inside that Virtual Disk. The Virtual Disk will be attached only to an authorized system. All the operation inside the Virtual Disk is done with user confirmation, in order to avoid transfer of wrong file/data. If the jar file is not present in the pen drive, it automatically recognize that the pen drive is an unauthorized, then the pen drive gets formatted automatically and it ask user confirmation to make it as authorized pen drive with security password. If the user doesn’t want to authorize the pen drive, it automatically gets ejected from the system.

   The tool named Secure Copier, inside the pen drive will cross check, whether the system is authorized or not. If it is not authorized system then the tool will automatically format the pen drive.

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