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Science Behind Paranormal Activities

( Volume 3 Issue 3,March 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Souvik Bhattacharjee


This detail explanation is about the scientific causes behind every paranormal incident. Now-a-days documentary films on paranormal activities or researches on paranormal incidents is spreading throughout the world. But none of the researcher shows the exact cause behind those incidents. Scientists or the host of any paranormal tv shows directly said those can’t be explained. Yes, that’s true but not completely. They should say those can’t be explained by normal scientific explanations. That’s why it is called ‘Paranormal’. In this paper, I’m going to unveil the real cause behind every paranormal incident with logics and scientific explanations. People should be reminded that all those concepts of physics and metaphysics are based on assumption. All those prove has been done on the basis of several assumptions.

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