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Real Time Inventory Tracking Model in the Distribution Supply Chain of Airtel Airtime

( Volume 6 Issue 7,July 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Mr. Eddie Musana, Mr. Walter Okello, Assoc. Prof. Annabella H. Basaza-Ejiri


Distributor, Dumping Airtel Airtime (AA), Real Time, Restocking, Supply Chain and Telecom Company.


This research considers designing and developing a Real Time Inventory Tracking Model (R.T.I.T.M) in the Business Supply Chain (SC) for an Airtel Authorized Distribution Company (DC) called Private Marketing and Trading Services (PMTS) Limited. The real-time inventory tracking model discloses a system for capture and storage of Airtel products that are not limited to Airtel Airtime (AA). Like Electronic (E) Recharge and airtime scratch cards.

It focuses on addressing a scenario where there is need to bridge the gap between the Telecom Company (Head Office) and the Independent Distributor Companies (DCs) in supplying AA as the major commodity surrounded by measures that need to control its sales within the different geographical area referred to as market boundaries or routes. This requires a given DC to manage sales within the routes assigned them in order to control selling airtime in routes that belong to other DCs. The selling of airtime outside the market routes of a given DC is referred to as Dumping of Airtime which is not allowed and may call for disciplinary measures whereby if severe may attract discontinuation from being an Authorized DC Agent for the Telecom Company in this study.

Hence market control by the Telecom Company upon the Distributor Company (Agents), however this paper discusses in detail as to why there is need for DCs to implement a Model that provides Real Time Inventory Tracking to prevent delays encountered in Restocking of Airtime products.

Therefore this paper explains the real time gap that exists between the Distributor Company and the Telecom Company, even though there are real time capabilities in place between the Customer (Final Consumer / End User) of the Airtime product and the Telecom Company. As the later enables the telecom company in controlling the market routes with purpose of avoiding dumping of AA.


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