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International Journal of New Technology and Research

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Radiation Processing of Meat and Meat Products An Overview

( Volume 1 Issue 5,September 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

K. Jayathilakan , Khudsia Sultana, K. Jalarama Reddy, M. C. Pandey


More than three decades of research and development work on technological aspects of food irradiation have clearly demonstrated the practicability and efficacy of this technology. Radiation processing of food has now been recognised as an effective and safe process as compared to the conventional methods. Today nearly 60 different commodities are being radiation processed in more than 40 countries. The microbiological safety of irradiated meat and meat products is one of the major considerations. It is well known that the macro nutrients are not significantly altered; however certain vitamins may be affected. As a whole, irradiation of meat does not lead to nutrient losses to the extent that there is an adverse effect on the nutritional status of the individuals consuming these foods. After decades of research, development, public debate and consumer acceptance trials in many countries, irradiation has emerged as a safe and viable technology for ensuring the safety and quality of food as well as for combating food borne diseases. Indeed it is currently the best available technology suitable for treating raw and pre-cooked meat products and the countries which adopt it will be benefited greatly in both domestic and international trade.

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