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Provenance, Petrofacies, Tectonic Setting and Diagenesis of Sawa Sandstones, Lower Vindhyan, in and around Rithola Village, Chittaurgarh, Southeastern Rajasthan, India

( Volume 2 Issue 11,November 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

Jyoti Mathur, Abdullah Khan, Meradul Islam


Sawa Sandstone Formation (~60m)    representing clastic assemblage of Lower Vindhyan Supergroup of southeastern Rajasthan overlies Bhagwanpura Limestone Formation with sharp, non-depositional contact and crops out as narrow linear ridges of sandstone trending north-south along regional strike with regional dip towards east. The Sawa Sandstones in and around Rithola village, southwest of Chittaurgarh were studied in order to understand provenance, tectonic setting and diagenetic history. The sandstones consist of various types of quartz, feldspar, rock fragments and micas which are medium to coarse grained and subangular, subrounded to rounded, predominantly moderately well sorted to moderately sorted, derived mainly from Banded Gneissic Complex and preceding Vindhyan Succession located to the west of study area. Petrofacies study reveals that the Sawa sediments were derived mainly from craton interior and continental block orogen provenance. The chemically precipitated cements include silica, iron oxide, calcite in order of abundance.


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