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Production of Smokeless Briquetted Fuel by Co-Carbonization of Local Coals and Bitumen

( Volume 1 Issue 8,December 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

S.A. Ryemshak, A. Jauro, I.Y. Chindo, E.O. Ekenam


Binary blend of coal-bitumen by weight (10 % bitumen and 90 % preheated coal samples at 150 oC) was developed, followed by partial briquetting and then moulded into cylindrical shape. The moulded briquetted blend was co-carbonized for about 10 hours at a temperature of 550 oC for the production of smokeless fuel. The calorific value and chemical analysis of the smokeless fuel produced were carried out and only the result of volatile matter was found to be above the acceptable range for use in a boiler system. The results of this study revealed that the use of bitumen as a bonding substance has upgraded the weakly coking and the low-grade (non-coking) coals, to a smokeless fuel briquette with high calorific values with an average combustion period of about 2.5 hours.

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