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Practice Case Study: Family Treatment & Strategies An Academic Tool

( Volume 5 Issue 7,July 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Dr. Phillip D. Clingan


The paper concentrates on the issue of a small family needing therapeutic intervention to bring about effective change.  An explanation of this issue will provide families impacted by family conflicts and environmental influences that lead to stress and uncontrollable behaviors within the family structure.  To solve this problem, Milton Erickson developed an important approach to therapy.  By the 1950s, Jay Haley approached this problem by promoting a remedial strategy where the therapist takes a more hands-on approach.  This approach means that the therapist creates and achieving change within the family.  Strategic family therapy addresses family problems differently by dealing with only the immediate issues and not in terms of thoughts and feelings during treatment.  Vital family therapy encourages clients through behavior adjustment and communication methods to reduce conflict barriers within the family structure.


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