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Phenolic Content in Triticum Aestivum: A Review

( Volume 4 Issue 12,December 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

P. S. Sutar-kapashikar, T. R. Gawali, S. R. Koli, A. S. Khot, S. P. Dehankar, Dr. P. D. Patil


Young grass of Triticum aestivum is also called as wheat grass. Wheat grass is one of the important crop that provides nutrients to human body. This wheat grass is also called as “Green blood”. It contains minerals, amino acids, vitamins and high content of chlorophyll. Wheat grass contains different phytochemicals such as alkaloid, flavonoid, phenol, tannin, glycosides etc. This review based on study of phenolic content in wheat grass extract by qualitative and quantitative analysis. The extraction is done by using two methods and with help of methanol solvent. This review also includes study of comparison of two methods in order to know best efficient method.


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