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Performance of Energy Detection in AWGN Channel and Rayleigh Fading Channel with Different Signal to Noise Ratio

( Volume 6 issue 9,September 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Abdullah Al Zubaer, Sabrina Ferdous, Md. Ariful Islam, Md. Romzan Ali, Rohani Amrin


Fading Channel, SNR,AWGN Channel, ROC, FCC, CR.


This paper presents another look at the problem of detecting the power of detecting unknown signals on different faded channels. We do not start with a diversity case and present some alternative closure-form expressions for identification possibilities. We then investigate the performance of the system when various variation schemes are employed. It has been shown that the probability of detection does not improve much when the probability of a false alarm exceeds 0/1 or the scattering ratio (SNR) from the average signal exceeds 20 dB. Also, the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve is presented by comparing the performance of equal-gain combination, selection combination, and switch and stay combining. For example, the combination of equal-gain introduces the availability of two orders of magnitude from the probability of a missed perspective compared to different variations, while both selections combines and switches and combines together to achieve approximately one order quantity.

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