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Performance Evaluation of Extended Latency Time Algorithm in different Linux based Operating Systems

( Volume 4 Issue 11,November 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Dipta Gomes, Aneem Al Ahsan Rupai, Mimun Barid, Abu Sufian


Extended Latency Time (ELT) algorithm is an extension of the Latency time (LT) algorithm. Unlike LT, its extended version allows a system to assign tasks containing arbitrary time into the different processors. In doing so each task is assigned a time frame which decreases as each time unit passes. This report provides detailed information on the performance of ELT on different Linux based operating systems. The algorithm was implemented and the runtime was measured by providing graphs as input, in three different operation systems of Linux which are Ubuntu, Mint and Kali where average execution time in Kali Linux has been the highest which is close to 2.284 time units. From the three Ubuntu showed the most promising result which has shown an execution time of 2.198 time units. After some close observation it was found that the algorithm showed the best performance in Ubuntu.


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