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Parametric Study for the Estimation of Optimum Vortex Generators Arrangement in Straight Pipes

( Volume 6 Issue 8,August 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Katemis K. Ioannis, Douvi C. Eleni, Margaris P. Dionissios


Wavy Fin, Heat Transfer, Vortex Generator, Computational Fluid Dynamics


The objective of the present study is the parametric study of secondary geometries, in particular Wavy Fins, added in pipes in order to enhance heat transfer. Simulations carried out in ANSYS Fluent for different Wavy Fin arrangement and geometries for Reynolds numbers varying from 10,000 to 20,000, using k-ε turbulence model and wall functions. It is found that the mechanisms that enhance heat transfer caused by the fins are swirl flow and efficient mixing of the air, as well as boundary layer disturbance. Staggered arrangement found the most efficient in terms of heat transfer comparing to Discontinuous as well as the arrangement with 180o phase shift. Assessing geometries concerning heat transfer Triangular Fin and Traditional Wavy Fin are very close, while Trapezoidal Fin has weaker heat transfer improvement. Results also show that adding protrusions also enhances heat transfer remarkably, while decreases pressure drop.


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