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Optimization of Force Explosive Parameters Through Athletic Means Specific to Performance Volleyball (Pre-competition Period)

( Volume 2 Issue 4,April 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

Amzar Elena, Macri Aurelia, Rada Larisa


The main role of the explosive force (expansion) while practising volleyball is that of imposing a physical preparation pattern which is necessary during the whole competition period of a year time.  In order to reach the already established goals, of great importance is the organisation of the force-velocity preparation for the entire annual period. Otherwise, an irrational use of the means which are meant to strengthen the force ability along with an erroneous division of the effort volume related to the principle of force- velocity and furthermore, an inefficient correlation of these with the volleyball preparation may influence the level of performance to tests (Macri A.C., 2005). Of all the bio motrical qualities, force and strength are the most critical ones within various sports. Such sports where the velocity and force dominate, will always bank on a solid development of these features. By understanding the mechanics and the physics involved by the force preparation and by including them in the training sessions, the competitiveness of players will also be stimulated. (Bompa T.O., 2002, quoted by Macri A.C., 2005).


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