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Networked Clouds

( Volume 3 Issue 1,January 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Jyoti Madabhushi


Advances in cloud technologies and on-demand network circuits have given opportunities to enable complex data intensive scientific applications to run on dynamic, networked cloud infrastructure. Cloud based networking is an increasing part of how companies do business. Cloud is central and essential. Companies retain private clouds for business critical or sensitive data but many companies use combination of public and private clouds as a hybrid approach of cloud services. Desktop virtualization enables data security, employee flexibility and mobility by enabling administration of all desktops centrally from a secure data centre environment. End users need not physically store sensitive data hence there is no threat of data leakage from loss or theft. The network sees all data, connected resources and user interactions over public internet as well as within and between clouds. Network can be used to monitor and meter usage and performance of distributed cloud services and infrastructure. Network is critical to advanced cloud services. In cloud information technology from infrastructure to applications is delivered and consumed as a service over network.

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