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Micelles Prepared with Cinnamaldehyde and Vancomycin by Schiff Base Reaction

( Volume 4 Issue 4,April 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Fancui Meng, Quanxin Wang, Zhuangzhuang Qiao, Yan Yao


To design a micelle which has a hydrophilic inner shell formed with vancomycin and a hydrophobic outer shell formed with cinnamaldehyde, vancomycin and cinnamaldehyde will be linked with the schiff base reaction, and then a further research on its properties will be conducted. Vancomycin, a good hydrophilic antibiotic drug, is highly effective in the treatment of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Cinnamaldehyde, owning the effects of sterilization and antisepsis, has obvious curative effect on fungi and is a hydrophobic drug. When vancomycin was reacted with cinnamaldehyde via schiff base reaction, self-assembled micelles, formed by their hydrophobic differences, were given with not only synergistic bactericidal action but also increasing the cycle time of drugs in vivo. At the same time, its pH response performance enhanced antibacterial properties and drug efficacy of micelles. This study focused on the preparation of micelles modified by cinnamaldehyde.

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