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International Journal of New Technology and Research

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Leading Methodologies in Construction Industry

( Volume 5 Issue 2,February 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

S.Laxmipriya, S.Ramyalakshmi, B.Subhasri, J.Shruthi


The construction industry is repeatedly criticised for being inefficient and very slow to innovate. The basic methods of construction techniques and technologies had changed little since Roman times. Design of man-made structures are more complex and critical than ever before, and they are getting no-simpler. Requirements are keep-on increasing. The reason is that the tendency of the human to compare the previous project with the future one. Other reasons for pushing the construction engineering off limits, include urbanisation, usage of newly developed materials together with software developments, which allow us to design these complex structures. The engineering techniques required for the designs are highly specific in nature and vary from design to design. When we look back throughout this industry’s history we can notice few great advancements have taken place. But every construction project is different, every site is a singular prototype, construction works are located in different places, and involve the constant movement of personnel and machinery. In addition, weather and other factors also prevent the application of previous experience effectively. So it is mandatory to have many advanced construction techniques in hand to use those things in the right place at the right time.

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