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International Journal of New Technology and Research

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Labour Market Situation in India: An Analysis

( Volume 2 Issue 1,January 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

Dr. Muna Kalyani


The present study analyses the labour market situation in India over the last five decades. Given the growth profile, which has been quite robust in recent years, one pertinent question is whether India has experienced pro-poor growth. The paper examines a wide range of indicators, including worker population ratio, sectoral shifts in the value added composition and occupational structure, growth in value added and employment, employment status in terms of self-employment, regular wage employment and casual employment, unemployment rates, formal-informal division of employment, employment elasticity and labour productivity, and finally, the poverty.. The paper also examines the trends in work participation rates for women and men in rural and urban areas and employment scenario between the rise in economic growth and the trends in poverty lines that take place in course of time.

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