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Is Positive Gravitational Force Source of Dark Energy?

( Volume 1 Issue 7,November 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

Branko M. Novakovic


As it is well known today, the universe continues to expand, even at an accelerating rate. The main reason for it is an unknown energy called a dark energy. This energy occupies about 68 percents of the total energy in the universe. One of the candidates for the source of dark energy is a cosmological constant Λ.  Meanwhile, recently developed Relativistic Alpha Field (RAF) theory predicts (among the others) that the gravitational force becomes positive (repulsive) if (GM/rc2) > 1, that could be a source of a dark energy. Here we derived equations of the universe motion using field parameters from RAF theory. These equations show that positive (repulsive) gravitational force really can produce an accelerating rate of the universe motion and therefore could be a candidate for the source of a dark energy. In that sense a dark energy can be seen as a positive (repulsive) gravitational energy. In order to compare the RAF theory solution of the universe motion with one of the existing solution, here we also derived related solution with the cosmological constant Λ.



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