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Investigation of Elemental Radioactive Concentrations and Radon Gas in Soil Samples Collected Around Abou Zabal Fertilizer Phosphate Factory

( Volume 2 Issue 5,May 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

S.Fares, W.M.Moslem, A.K.Hassan, A.A.Eltawil, F.Abdelhamied


Determine levels of some natural radioactivity in soil samples were collected around Abou Zabal fertilizer phosphate factory in Egypt. Activity concentration of the soil sample of 226Ra, 232Th and 40K was determined by using a high resolution γ -ray HPGe spectrometry and CR-39 detector. According to the results this analysis, 238U was found concentration mean (241.06 ± 23.17 Bqkg-1), 226Ra was found in concentrations mean of (283.87 ± 26.53 Bq kg-1), 232Th in mean concentrations of  (16.15 ± 1.45 Bq kg-1) and 40K in mean concentrations of  (146.36 ± 6.9 Bq kg-1) for the analyzed soil, respectively. Radon (222Rn) mean concentration in the samples was estimated using solid state nuclear track detectors (CR – 39). The Radon gas mean doses from inhalation gas were found (337.06.37 µSv/y). The radioactivity levels determined and the γ-absorbed dose rates in soil sample above the ground were calculated. Elemental concentrations were determined for 226Ra (range from 7.8 ppm to 46.26 ppm), 232Th (range from 1.98 ppm to 9.14 ppm), 238U (from 5.63 ppm to 33.28 ppm), and 40K (from 0.07 % to 0.69 %). The measured Th/U ratio exhibits values was mean 0.17  , whereas the U/Ra ratio was mean 0.81 and Th/K ratio values was mean 0.8 there are unequilibrium between 232Th and 40K but there are equilibrium between 238U and 226Ra . Correlation Coefficient between Mass exhalation and Activity concentration of 238U equal (1.0). Correlation Coefficient between Surface exhalation and Activity concentration of 238U equal (0.962777) this was very good correlation. Correlation Coefficient between Activity concentration of 226Ra e and Activity concentration of 238U equal (0.962777) the good correlation. 

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