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Investigation About Granulating Diazinon Insecticide Remaining in The Rice Grain of Mazandaran Province in North of Iran

( Volume 1 Issue 8,December 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

S. E Mahdavian , M.Morovati


To evaluate the Diazinon remaining, 72 samples of rice at deferent stages of cultivation, harvesting and strong in the ware house, after spraying by Diazinon insecticide as long as there was no trace of insecticide in the rice, from cities of Ramsar,Tonekabon, Abbasabad (west of Mazandaran province), Amol, Mahmudabad, Fereydunkenar (East of Mazandaran province),  Selected and studied. The highest measured levels of Diazinon after spraying in August before the harvest were 1,0/95, 1/07 ppm in 2011 and 1/2 , 1, 0/97 ppm in 2012 at qualitative cultivars in cities mentioned in the west of Mazandaran province; on the after side in the East of Mazandaran province, values of 1/58 , 1/6, 1/8ppm in 2011 and 1/55, 1/52, 1/75 in 2012 at high yielding cultivars were reported. The lowest measured concentrations of the insecticide after two months of harvest were 0/09 ppm in 2011-2012, at Ramsar, and abasabad in qualitative cultivars,0/34 ppm in 2011  at Amol and *0/37 ppm at Fereydunkenar.  It was found that the biennial averages of Diazinon poison remaining in qualitative cultivars samples until one month after harvest were higher than permissible limit at Ramsar, Tonekabon and Abbasabad. The results, showed that the biennial average of Diazinon poison remaining two months after harvest at Tonekabon was higher than permissible limit hower this average was lower than permissible limit at Ramsar and Abbasabad (0/09 ppm). After there and Six months from the harvest, there was no trace of Diazinon at this studied regions. The remaining of Diazinon poison in high yielding cultivars samples of rice until two months after harvest were higher than permissible limit at Amol, Mahmudabad and Fereydunkenar. Also, based on thebiennial average in high yielding cultivars samples after three and Six months from the time of harvest, there was no trace of Diazinon at studied regions in the east of Mazandaran province.

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