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Impact of COVID-19 on Sustainable Economy

( Volume 7 Issue 8,August 2021 ) OPEN ACCESS

Mahek Gupta


COVID-19 on Sustainable Economy.


The continuous debate of economy vs climate prioritisation overlaps into one concept from the Brundtland report by the UN in 1987. The conflict highlights the link between economic development and climate change while incorporating social development. This paper explores the concept of sustainable development and the effect of the pandemic on it by further portraying a data analysis on the impact of COVID-19 on household sustainability’s. In this paper I argue sustainability’s importance in today’s world and underpinning the dramatic impact of COVID-19 on the same. “ Given the increased focus in recent years on the need for synergies between economic, social, and environmental progress (in addition to the studies mentioned earlier in this section, see e.g. Stiglitz et al., 2009, 2018), we hypothesize that synergies between these three spheres of progress will occupy a larger portion in our projections of the interlinkages until 2030 than trade-offs (Kroll, C., Warchold, A., & Pradhan, P, 2019)”, this hypothesis completely supports argument as I draw focus on the impact of sustainability on our future and its necessity to be implemented and prioritised.

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