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IGFBP3 in Patients with Advanced Stomach Carcinoma

( Volume 1 Issue 8,December 2015 ) OPEN ACCESS

Jolanta Czyzewska, Marek Alifier, Mariusz Gryko, Halina Kemona, Andrzej Kemona


IGF peptides family plays important role in cell growth and apoptosis regulation both in normal and neoplastic cells. The aim of the study was assessment of IGFBP3 expression in main mass of tumor and metastatic lymph node in patients with advanced stage stomach carcinoma and correlation with selected prognostic and clinico-pathological factors. The study group consisted of 76 patients with advanced stage stomach carcinoma (24 women and 52 men). Mean patients’ age was 60,4 (30-78) yrs. Immunohistochemical staining with monoclonal anti IGFBP3 antibody (mouse IgG2B monoclonal anti-human IGFBP3 antibody) was used for IGF BP3 assessment. Statistical analysis revealed no correlation between chosen clinical and pathological parameters and expression of IGFBP3 protein in the lymph node with metastasis. No correlation was found between expression of IGFBP3 in the main mass of tumor and patient’s gender, tumor location, depth of invasion in the wall, histological differentiation, Bormann’s classification, Lauren’s classification as well as expressions in the lymph node with metastasis. Moreover, there was no association between expression of IGFBP3 and overall postoperative survival time (data not published). Positive expression of IGFBP3 protein in main mass of tumor was observed mainly in poorly differentiated tumors located in 1/3 of middle and 1/3 lower part and in all stomach. Similarly, positive expression of IGFBP3 in lymph node metastasis was associated with diffuse type of cancers, type IV (according Bormann’s classification) and low stage of histological differentiation G3.

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