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GPS-GSM based Vehicle Tracking System

( Volume 4 Issue 3,March 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Tarun Karkera, Aparna Dubey, Shefali Kamalnakhawa, Sharvari Mangale


Avoiding car theft is impossible but now finding your stolen car will be easier! You just need to install Real-Time Vehicle Tracking System with the GSM+GPS module hidden in your car, maybe in your trunk, in the glove compartment or under the spare tire. Then connect the GSM and GPS antenna and a SIM card, all of this powered with a battery and you are ready! If you want to locate your car open the ‘SPYder’ App and request location, longitude and latitude at the moment. The ‘SPYder’ app used this data to track the location on Google Maps. This system is programmed to recognize your number and only if it is correct it will send you this data. Thanks to this system you can track your car in real time.

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