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Golden Ratio and Its Effect on Handwritings Using Golden Line

( Volume 4 Issue 4,April 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Vishvesh Lalji Solanki


The handwriting we write weather is good or bad have large impact on our life as well as in our academics. Some have synchronized or some have very irregular hand writing. Is the art of good handwriting is like something by birth skill? Answer to this question is no.  In this very advance world there is no such skill one cannot master .If you do it with all your effort put in right way. And most important is to do naturally. By using the natural laws, one can master any skill. By this way your mastered skill will not only last for long but also it will be appealing for one who witness it. In this way our hand writing is also the skill, one can master easily. With very limited resource. Just a paper and pen is required. After all our hand writing make lot of impact on our life as well as study. Good handwriting is a sign of good education. This paper is about four parallel lines drawn in such a way that it’s satisfied golden ratio (1.618) or golden mean. After practicing writing skill on that four parallel line. How one can write better than before and how good writing last long after time, this paper of just four parallel lines will influence everyone who goes through the process called education. The main goal of this paper is to provide easily way to the writer who wanted to make his handwriting good by means of golden line.

This is a paper of engineering in which a ratio is used to increase the aesthetic quality of the handwriting. It’s this paper also show how golden ratio is presented in the world we live and many natural objects.

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