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From Foreign Migration to Cultural Affinity: The Journey of Foreign Expatriates toward Filipino Cultural Adaptation

( Volume 6 Issue 1,January 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Danilo Keh Jr. MAED. , Castillo, Hans Rainer C., Sali, Marwa S., Rodriguez Maria Kristina, Uy Luis Miguel S.


Background. The present study puts forward a discourse on the journey of non-Filipino expatriates in Qatar who are deeply immersed in the Filipino culture. Its main focus is to extrapolate their experiences regarding living and working with Filipinos; paving the way for their eventual adaptation of Filipino values and practices; hence, cultural affiliation. Method. A phenomenological research design was utilized to understand the lived experiences and perceptions of the Filipinized expatriates, focusing on the central question: “How do the foreign expatriates adapt to the Filipino culture?” A semi-structured interview was conducted to gather data. The data gathered were analysed using an inductive approach in theme development. Findings: The findings extrapolate the degree of influence the Filipino culture has on these foreign expatriates. It underscores three themes from the respondents’ verbalization of their experiences namely: Filipino Values, Customs and Traditions, and Acculturation. Conclusion. The Filipino culture is permeating. It has enriched the lives of non-Filipinos and has made them appreciate and lived the Filipino way of life. Hence, non-Filipinos showcase different adaptation skills in order to make sense of the foreign culture they are immersed in.

Recommendation. The paper suggests that future researchers consider a more diverse selection of nationalities.


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