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From Behavioral Intentions to Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction: A Phenomenological Study on the Employee Motivational Practices in the Fast Food Sector in the State of Qatar

( Volume 6 Issue 12,December 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Danilo N. Keh Jr., MAED Ryan Gabriel L. Daza, Yuan Chezter E. Inigo, Aaliya E. Jumlani, Ian Louie M. Ocampo, Cyrah Jael F. Puray, Phil Onil U. Santos, Ryu Hendrick P. Tomas


Customer Service Styles, Fast-food Chain Industry, Customers, Customer Satisfaction


Background: The seeming unrelenting growth of the fast-food chain industry has made it a staple in people’s lives. In fact, the high demand for a quick and delicious meal gave birth to fast food restaurants all around the world. Work in the fast food, furthermore, is not as easy as it sounds. Careful assessments of customers and the employees’ behavioral intentions must be taken into consideration. This research then dives into the world of Filipino migrant workers engaged in the fast-food chain to uncover their motivational practices as they provide quality services. It seeks to understand how they efficiently use different types of customer approach, overcome workplace struggles and daily hindrances, and adapt to the different behaviors and cultural diversities of customers in order to acquire effective customer service styles. Method. This research is qualitative in nature following the IMRAD format. It follows the phenomenological research design to better understand the lived experiences of migrant Filipino fast-food workers. The participants were purposely chosen following the criteria set. Data gathering procedure was done through interviews stemming from the central question: “How do Filipino Migrant Workers in Qatar engaged in a fast food chain provide quality services to customers?” Recurring themes were created to make the simulacrum. Findings:  Based on the participants’ verbalizations, guaranteed customer satisfaction is based on (1) Customer Service Efficiency which includes service experience and personal development; (2) Customer Centeredness that highlights Operational Analysis and Customer Satisfaction; and (3) Customer Retention that shows the importance of customer data and detail orientation.  Conclusion: The study shows that Filipino migrant workers in the fast-food industry offer a rather unique experience. The phenomenological study captures their lived experiences; what they bring into the service table to satisfy diverse customers, both local and expatriates, in Qatar. The study shows how their knowledge, experiences, trainings, and attitudes assure guaranteed customer satisfaction. After all, the customer is at the heart of any business venture.  


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